Make Round and Chain Dances Great Again!

Discover the true magic of round dances and help share it with others.

Where does the event happen? "OASE" Nachbarschaftshaus
Prinzenallee 58 ,13359 Berlin-Gesundbrunnen

When does the event happen?
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Supporter Price: You financially support us, helping us offset smaller losses and experiment with new ideas.

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By collectively donating our time and handling many tasks ourselves, we can afford to pay our brilliant musicians a fair fee at this price.

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You do not claim state aid but maybe you live on minimum wage or on a modest pension. If you currently cannot afford the regular price, please use this ticket, as we don't want money to be a barrier.
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16 currently available

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You are a school or university student, apprentice, holder of the Berlin-Ticket S authorization, or you are severely disabled (50% or more degree of disability). You are eligible for our full discount.

16 currently available

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